Tuesday, June 5, 2007

My Collection of Horses

The Collections kit from Club Scrap seemed the perfect match for showing off my collection of horses. From left to right, top to bottom, is: Munchkin - Chicoteague Wild Pony, Princess - quarter horse, Luke - quarter horse, and Scout - obviously a paint but not registered. They are each individuals with unique personalities. Muchkin is definitely a "wild pony" in every respect of the term. She is full of herself with a very high play drive, extremely curious and difficult to handle at times! Princess, my retired show horse, is a true lady. She keeps her wits about her and is a warm and loving girl. Her horseanality is a joy to be around although she can become frustrated easily and doesn't have the confidence of Munchkin. We are working on that! Bottom left is Luke. He became orphaned at 9 hours old and was raised by a very special friend. His personality definitely reflects his lack of herd influence when he was a very young foal. He thinks of himself as either human or a dog, depending on which day it is. He would be content to just roam around with you all day and leave the other critters to stay in the pasture. Luke is a big baby and is very handsome, loveable and huge! Scout was purchased by my husband when he was "trying" to get into horses. He is a gentle, quiet, respectful (most of the time) boy. However, he didn't come to us like that; he had been so bullied when you would walk into his stall he would hide in the corner. Over time he has learned to trust us and enjoys being groomed and loved on. He is a real joy to be around.

Monday, June 4, 2007

A Bassador Retriever?

This is Abby, our rescued mixed Lab; half Lab and half Basset Hound, thus the new breed name of Bassador Retriever. Using the Club Scrap Refresh Digital kit from earlier this year is perfect for showing off Abby's shiny black coat. She is quite the Bassador hunter!

A "Fourth of July" rose

The name of this beautiful rose is Fourth of July. A climbing rose that blooms from spring to frost and give these gorgeous clusters of amazing color. This year they have been especially abundant and I just had to do a layout showing off their beauty. Using Ivory Elegance, the Club Scrap kit from December 2006, seemed the best choice for showing off my picture.