Saturday, September 18, 2010

Red, Creme and Black - Make a card!

WARNING: this is a long post, if you want to skip down to the card and not read the entry about my trip scroll down!!

Wow, can you believe it is Saturday again already! Last Saturday I was flying out to CA to be with my grand sons while their parents went to Italy! This Saturday I am flying back to NC, this has been a very busy week!!

Allow me to share some of my adventures of stepping back in time and picking up the reins of a Mom with two small children. The first big challenge came on Monday morning when I needed to drop off Jonas (the youngest) at his school first (9:00 am) and then Ethan at his school by 9:25. Actually the challenge began way before the school drop off, you know breakfast, NO cartoons until your teeth are brushed and you have clothes on which by the way does include shoes, snacks packed, thermos's filled, book bags and da da da!  So out the door we go with book bags, snack bags, two boys, and one slightly harried G-Mom.

All I can say is thank goodness for Garmin!! I was taken by this friendly voice to Jonas's school without a glitch and then to Ethan's school. But wait, the Garmin put me on a freeway which is NOT the way we had gone on Saturday when Carol (my d-i-l) showed me the route. I am talking back to the Garmin and Ethan is thrilled that we are on the freeway and enjoying the freaking out of his grandmother. Boys! Lo and behold, the Garmin does the trick gets me to the right school (albeit from a totally hazardous direction!!).  Whew, that being accomplished I have a couple of hours before picking Jonas up at noon and Ethan at 3:00, that didn't seem so bad and I knew it would get better as I became more familiar and confident with the trip.
 I am not going to share all the misadventures and adventures throughout the week, like the leaking thermos, missing the pick up time for Ethan on Wacky Wednesday (what were they thinking throwing that in the middle of the week?!!) trying to figure out the Reading Log, and whether one or both of the boys had a hearing problem! But I really need to finish out my first day, this is the one that will be remembered forever!

Jonas and I left to pick up Ethan in plenty of time to get to school by 3; in fact I was early enough to get in the drive by pick up line with only about 4 cars ahead of me! Now that is planning ahead and we only had about 10 minutes to wait!! I was close enough to see Ethan's class had been let out and not wanting him to worry if I had found my way back to his school I jumped out of the car and ran up to let him know I was just a few cars down the line and he could come with me and go ahead and get in. I was greeted with "G-Mom you gave me the wrong book bag, I had a very, very important file that need to be returned today and I have Jonas's bag." (I had just been scolded by my grand son----WHAT??) I apologized (profusely) and we went to get into the car where I was met with a lady with a traffic vest on and a stern look on her face. She informed me I was in the "red zone" and that when you are in the "red zone" you can't just get out and leave your car unattended! I was blocking the progression of movement within the "red zone" of cars picking up students. The car in front of me was not even turned on never mind trying to move, the car behind me was sitting still with the engine off but still reeling from being dressed down about the book bags I instantly felt like I was about 12 yrs old and had been sent to the principal's office. So I just meekly said, "I'm sorry".  Great start, the Garmin took me on a CA freeway, I mixed up the book bags and caused a hullabaloo and now I was a traffic offender. This was Monday and I didn't score very well on my first day, with my first challenge as being a "Mom" again of two little ones. In fact I felt drained, embarrassed and exhausted! My hat is off to all you young Mothers out there; God certainly knew what He was doing when he made the young women the Mom's and us older, decrepit and "not as sharp as we used to be" the G-Mom's!!
OK, now let's take a look at my card. We were challenged to make a card with one of SCH's fall images using black, creme and red, great colors by the way! Since I didn't have any supplies with me and hadn't gotten two cards ready ahead of time I used the Garmin to find a Michaels. Thank goodness the route didn't include a freeway! I got a piece of card stock and a double-sides piece of paper, some ribbon, rhinestones from the dollar bin, and some flowers. The boys had glue sticks and my darling daughter in law had some mounting tape (hooray for Carol!!). I figured I could get something made for posting with limited supplies and am pretty pleased with the way it turned out.


I decided to use Tracy's Victorian Freebie, the dp matched enough to compliment this image. Since it was two sided I used both sides, one for the mat and one for the background. I really love this design and was thrilled at how great it looked with this gorgeous image!
The first image doesn't show the lower left corner or the addition of the paper twists but the color is more true. Hope you like it ok. Now, you can go visit all our other eye candy from the team. Their cards are amazing and full of creativity, you will be astounded!! I would love for you to take the time for a comment or two!

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Primitive Paper said...

Donna, you are truly amazing to not have any supplies with you and come up with a beautiful piece of art such as this. It just goes to show you have a passion about what you are doing. From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate you making the sacrifice, taking the time while away to still keep your commitments. That speaks highly of you. And...your card is AMAZING!

Pat (mspfd) said...

Donna, your card is gorgeous. As always you designs just blow me away.
Hope you can rest up after your week with the wee ones... Even with all the drama, I bet you enjoyed every minute!

Sharon Basel said...

This is a fabulous card Donna! I love all the details including the paper swirls. Very creative and just amazing you did this on a shoestring. Love your tale of the visit with your grandkids. Reminds me of my own grandmother when I was a kid. Those boys will always remember this special week with you!

Heide said...

Donna, I am in Awe of you, To be able to create this master piece on the fly! What a beautiful card and super story.

Renlymat's World of Family & Crafts said...

Donna, this is so elelgant! Your card gives new meaning to the word PRETTY. I can't believe you "whipped" this up without having access to your craftroom. You must work great under pressure!

Nancy said...

Donna, you are truly amazing to come up with this card with such limited supplies!! I'm still giggling over your booboo in the red zone...carpool can be a nightmare, can't it? What a great grandmother you are to take all that on!! Hugs to you!

marsha said...

Donna, this is just luscious! How in the world did you do this with limited supplies! You are truly amazing, clever and inspiring! Gramie love to ya!
Hugs, Marsha

Gunn (MsPlum) said...

Hi Donna!
It seems
to me that you had quite a week being stand-in-mom! *LOL*

Your card is a beauty as always, I think it is wuite amazing that you med this with stuff you bought while you were there. The red flowers are FAB and the big ribbon is amazing! It is a stunning card!


stephanie said...


Dawn Edwards said...

Beautiful Card Donna. I think you did a fabulous job not having any supplies on hand.

Mary Duffek said...

Donna, this is a masterpiece. I love all the layers on the focal image, your coloring and attention to detail...such a perfectly beautiful, stunning, awesome card.

Julie said...

Wow Donna! This is so gorgeous! I love the way you have used the flowers. Beautiful!


Pat said...

Beautiful card, gorgeous colours and love the bow. Thanks for joining in at MTTC this week.

Pat xx

Lisa Atha said...

Wow, I can't believe what a beautiful card you created with no supplies with you! This is gorgeous!


Diana Queen said...

Donna...loved your post today! ;D You a realllly good sport! What a first day you had!

And what a beautiful card you created with your limited supplies!
A glue gun? LOL

Lisa said...

Such a rich and elegant creation! Thanks for joining us at Stamp Something this week!