Thursday, December 10, 2009

Firecracker Designs is Having a Blow OUT!

End of Year Inventory Blow Out!
Today Pamela moves to the second week of the blow out sale!!
50% items-CLICK HERE!

Help  make room for next year’s rubber! Most sets are being discontinued, so don’t delay!

All prices are already marked, all items on the sale page!! (As item sells out, they are removed from the store.)

How it will work: Week 1 will be 40% off; discount will increase by 10% each week until inventory is gone or December is over!

Discount changes every Thursday 40% - 50% (Dec 10) - 60% (Dec 17) -70% (Dec 24) Off!!

Get `em until they’re gone or until the year is Gone!

Discount taken from original prices, and is for IN STOCK ITEMS ONLY!

Orders will be processed as they are received. If your item goes out of stock, your order total will be adjusted.)

Due to the steep discounts on these items, coupons are not applicable.
Don't forget to check out the gift card option; shop, mark the page, give it to your dear significant other, sit back and wait for Christmas! Your stocking will be filled with goodies from Pamela!!

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Kim Marie said...

I would like you to email me about the SBS group post, if you can so I can update you on the group; sorry for posting but I don't have your email!
Kim Marie

Shelly Schmidt said...

How did you did that with your blog? I need to change mine- I am planning on having my daughter help me tomorrow......

kc_froglady said...

thanks for putting the sale info up again :) Also wanted to say I love the new look for the blog :) How fun!