Monday, July 13, 2009

The boys at Monterey

These are the lights of my life! They took a trip to Monterey, looks like the boys are certainly enjoying the sand and surf!! I just hate the fact that we have an east coast/west coast travel problem! I don't get to see these guys but a couple times a year. I feel like I am missing so much but I try to make up for it when we do get together! Aren't they just about the cutest boys you have ever, ever seen!!
G-mom sends "smoochies"!!

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SandyK said...

A grand picture! I have two grandsons, 5 and soon to be 9. They live close and can't imagine it any other way. They grow up so fast. I'm glad you get the "at least" two times a year. Some people maybe get once a year. God Bless!